Gas Turbine Combustor Design

Modelling Complicated Geometric Components 

This case study ‘Gas Turbine Combustor Design’ aims to demonstrate the capability of Flownex SE to model complicated and unusual geometries by using a simple network approach to modelling.

The case study presents how Flownex SE was successfully employed in the aerospace industry to model various combustor types in the preliminary design and optimization stage of combustion chambers to assess the capabilities of Flownex SE to be used for successful design evaluation at this stage of the design process. The results obtained from the Flownex capability evaluation study closely matched experimental results as well as being verified by the CODAS design code. 

This study proved Flownex was a powerful tool as it can take a simple network approach to modelling complex combustor geometries poses little numerical difficulty in doing so and delivers results in rapid execution time which are in close agreement with verified modelled and experimental data.

Open Case study


Dynamic Mid-Air Refueling

Perform critical analysis of failure cases during dynamic mid-air refueling of a Mirage F1 Fighter. Flownex allowed engineers to simulate flow rates and the refueling sequences of the system. Track fuel distribution and investigate valve failure cases. The simulations ensured that, for any single failure case, the system would remain safe and ensure the center-of-gravity (cg) position of the aircraft remained centered. Aerosud confirmed results predicted by Flownex with ground test results.  The simulation provided Aerosud with the confidence of delivering a final system design that is safe, reliable and conforms to customer requirements.

Open Case study