Two Phase Flow Regimes

THEME: Root Cause Analysis of System Performance Anomalies 

This case study ‘Two-Phase Flow Regimes’, aims to demonstrate the capability of Flownex SE to carry out root cause analysis of a system to determine the cause of a system performance and safety issue. In addition to identifying the underlying cause, using Flownex SE it is possible to deliver an optimized design solution in the simulation model, in order to remove the root cause issue and generate an improved design configuration.

The case study presents how Flownex SE was successfully employed in a Power Plant commissioning project where it quickly identified the cause of a system performance anomaly, optimized the system design to remove the anomaly and efficiently returned the system performance back within desired performance parameters.

One of the considerable benefits aside from identifying and rectifying the design issue was that by using Flownex SE the analysis and optimization study was executed quickly and cost effectively keeping the commissioning schedule on track and mitigating the commercial impact on the project.

Open case study