Exhaust Gas System

Highveld Steel and Vanadium Corporation is a leading producer of flat products, structural steel and vanadium slag in South Africa. It is a subsidiary of the Evras international group of companies which is based in Luxembourg. Highveld mines the iron ore used at its steel works itself. The steel works produce about a million tons of steel blocks annually, which are then used to manufacture several products, including structural sections, engineering rounds and rails, plates, coiled plates and sheets. The challenge was to simulate the exhaust gas system of one of Highveld’s manufacturing plants in Flownex and benchmark the results against measured data. Furthermore, it had to be determined whether the proposed system or control changes will have the desired effect of keeping the system’s filter temperature within the required range.

Open case study

Transient Simulation of a Two-Stage Air Cycle Chiller

This case study demonstrates the transient operation of a two-stage Air Cycle Chiller. The chiller consists of a closed cycle in which dry air is circulated via a set of centrifugal compressors and expanded through a turbine to provide cooling at very low temperatures. A typical application is in crust freezing of pre-baked foods.

Open case study