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FNX electrical library

The Electrical Network Solver is developed as an additional library of Flownex SE and allows integration with the Flownex and DCS Libraries.

The Electrical Network Solver was developed to be used in the Flownex Simulation Environment and can be integrated with the Flownex and DCS Libraries. The Data Link Tool can be used to Link Components from the Flownex and DCS Libraries to the Electrical Network Solver Library.

The Electrical Network Solver allows the integration electrical & mechanical networks in a single simulation environment. Examples include Electrical Motors, Generators and Circuit breakers connected to Turbines, Pumps and Fans. The components available are relevant to most electrical and mechanical connections found in a plant environment. 

Electrical library configuration includes admittance components (generators, motors, transformers, etc.), auxiliary components (base power, base voltage, synchronizer, etc.), nodes (bus, fixed voltage node, infinite grid, etc.) and switches such as a breaker.