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The optimizer provides a robust method to minimize or maximize component or system parameters.  The optimization functionality in Flownex SE allows users to optimize inputs and system parameters on a network level, taking into account system or component efficiencies, results or a user defined parameter.

Optimizer Capabilities

Flownex provides two optimization methods for general system optimization. 

      • The first method is an evolutionary (genetic) algorithm based optimizer.
      • The second method is a state of the art quadratic approximation search method BOBYQA.

Both these methods can be used for constrained optimization of linear and nonlinear systems where the gradients of the functions being optimized are unknown. These methods are very well suited to black box constrained optimization problems.

Genetic Optimizer Example

Minimize pipeline life cycle cost

If we consider a pipeline that pumps water over 3km with an elevation of 300m the pipeline diameter will have a large influence on the pumping requirements and life cycle cost (LCC) of the system. To determine the optimum ratio between pipeline diameter, pumping power and LCC, a genetic optimization study can be performed to determine the pipeline diameter related to the minimum LCC.



Minimize irreversible work of a system

The available work in a process is determined between the initial state and the process dead state, which is normally taken as the environmental conditions.  The exergy analysis can be used to determine where and how much of the available work is lost due to exergy destruction (irreversibility) and to reduce the irreversibility in order to improve the overall efficiency of the process.

The optimizer will allow engineers to determine conditions which minimize system irreversibility.

Maximize system efficiency

Correctly Sizing the influential components in a Rankin cycle allow engineers to design for the maximum possible system efficiency.

By using the optimizer to determine the optimum requirements from Heat Exchanges, Turbines and Compressors, etc. System efficiencies can be maximized.



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